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Mumtazuddin Fauqani

  • Mumtazuddin Fauqani

    Moving from Guwahati to the National Capital, Mumtazuddin's journey of hopes and aspirations.

    Growing up in Guwahati, Mumtazuddin Fauqani was used to serene surroundings, unpredictable weather, local delicacies, and the company of loved ones. He has traded it all to upgrade his skills and knowledge for the future. That goal has brought him to FORE School of Management, New Delhi where he is pursuing PGDM. Talking about the journey, he says, “In life you have to be open to new experiences. You might have your beliefs and likes, but so do others. To respect them is the biggest lesson moving away from home teaches you.”

    Stepping out of comfort zone

    Mumtazuddin admits that it isn’t his first stint away from home. He has worked with Yes Bank as Branch Service Partner in the past. However, that experience only bolstered his decision to add more value to his knowledge base and resume. “I want to realize my dream to become a futuristic global business leader. My previous stint taught me to learn through experience and experimentation. I want to bring the same attitude to my B-School, one of the best management institutes in the country, as I get groomed as a professional.”

    Why FORE

    According to Mumtazuddin, studying in the National Capital has been an icing on the cake as it offers him exciting student life. He has the opportunity to broaden his horizons in the metropolis, get cross-cultural learning, and push himself in a tough environment with intense competition. But the main focus is on his B-School’s reputation. “There is focus on all-round development of students, which I am keen on. The B-School strongly believes in giving practical experience and exposure to the ways of the industry. Moreover I expect to get the best placement opportunities.”

    Focused on the future

    Given its standing and strategic location, FORE School of Management has a strong industry network. Mumtazuddin believes it will translate into several industry experiences through the duration of the programme, making him ready for the corporate world. He has plans of his own for the future. “Within a few weeks of my programme I got a perspective on subjects and where my interests lie. For me, it is going to be a Dual Major in Finance and Marketing. I will look for middle management jobs in these streams in a socially responsible corporate organization with a global vision for growth. Location doesn’t matter; I am used to changes in location.”

Executive Education/MDPs

FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.