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Jevin Kuriakose

  • Jevin Kuriakose

    Jevin Kuriakose on moving from Kerala to Delhi for his PGDM and never looking back

    Anyone who has ever been to Kerala will know exactly what Jevin Kuriakose means when he says he was used to living in a comfort bubble. God’s own country, as it is often referred to, is stunning, calm, and serene. It represents a sea change from the hustle and bustle of North India, especially the capital city. But Jevin decided to make the transition as he enrolled for the program with FORE School of Management, New Delhi. Today he relishes every experience the change brought him. “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and experience a different culture and way of life. I knew it would be a tough journey, but it’s going to be worth it.”

    A mixed bag of emotions

    When Jevin made it through the selection process for the B-School, he knew he wanted to take the plunge. Besides being one of the top B-Schools in the country, FORE School of Management offered the experience of studying in exciting NCR. But letting go of ease and comfort wasn’t easy. “When the realization dawned that I was moving to Delhi, I had mixed feelings. I knew I was going to miss home, my friends and family. But a new place, new life, and the opportunity to make new friends was also exciting. I knew the first couple of months would be difficult because of the language issue, but I wasn’t going to turn back on my decision.”

    Exploring his new life to the fullest

    Interestingly, it didn’t take long for Jevin to feel welcomed on campus and to open a new chapter in his life. He made friends with his batch mates, several of them being local students. He explored the capital city and surrounding areas with them, living his student life to the hilt. “After the 1st term exams, some of us went to Kasol, Manali and had a great time. I believe everyone changes with the environment they are in – the peer group and the experiences they have. I call it self-development and look forward to that journey.

    Ideal preparation for a professional career

    At his B-School, Jevin is getting acquainted with different cultures and backgrounds. He is being influenced by a strong peer group with versatile experiences and expertise in individual domains. Through his work with different committees and projects, he has also learned the value of team work, multi-tasking, and other skills which will prove useful in future. “I am interested in branding, positioning, and market research. So I will major in Marketing. I have also focused on Global Systems and Operations because I understand the ongoing technological revolution. I don’t want to limit my career and am open to possibilities.”

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