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Chirag Pilkhwal

  • Chirag Pilkhwal

    The first impression that Chirag Pilkhwal gives you is of a young man who has been a practitioner of management, way before FORE School of Management, New Delhi, happened to him. His words are studied… almost organized, and he speaks the management lingo to perfection.

    “When I decided to change my stream (science) after class 12, it was because I knew my calling. I was more inclined towards managing business and people, rather than devices or elements. I opted for BBA in HR, enjoyed what I learnt there for three years and decided to take it forward. Today, any PGDM is just not enough. It’s where you do it from, that matters. The experience of studying in a good business school like FORE School of Management, New Delhi, is your true learning, and it also works wonders for your job profile. FORE School of Management, New Delhi, with the best of faculty, facilities and alumni, is a brand in itself, and was thus my ideal choice.”

    Chirag feels that PGDM as a fresher – without prior work experience - is a better choice; since you are straight out of college – young and fresh – you are more receptive to the teachings. Those with work-ex have to undergo the process of unlearning the wrong practices that they may have adopted while working.

    “It’s better to learn and implement something perfectly, rather than implement it first and then learn the best way of doing it.”

    Chirag feels that the USP of a FORE School of Management, New Delhi, graduate is the attitude that, one should work smart but should also remember that hard work has no substitutes. Also, Work-life balance is well entwined in the DNA of FORE School of Management, New Delhi.

    “There’ll be times when you’ll be slogging with assignments, projects and studies, and then there’ll be times when you’ll be celebrating, spending time with friends and having fun. FORE School of Management, New Delhi, has a perfect blend of curricular and extra-curricular events.”

    A recent interaction with the alumni of the FORE School of Management, New Delhi, has convinced Chirag that he’ll get the right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge alongwith industrial interactions, over the next 2 years. He is confident that Post-MBA, the FORE School of Management, New Delhi, tag on his profile will help him stand head-and-shoulders above the crowd.

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