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In our lives, we often travel upon untraversed paths and discover new insights that embellish our journey along the way, and seldom a ray of hope that helps us persist in this labyrinth of life and make the most out of it.

To honour these legacies of experiences and take this assortment of cathartic experiences forward our theme for this year’s event is Oasis of Odysseys. Here, numerous transdisciplinary experiences come together to empower the audience. Oasis is frequently used in its metaphorical sense: as a place of life in a hostile environment. It provides a haven from the treacherous desert.

Through this platform, the speakers on board will attempt to instil life ideals in the audience's consciousness by creating an Oasis of Experiences and knowledge that may serve as a haven for those struggling with stress, failure, demotivation, or other negative emotions. The theme can be seen as a collection of distinctive yet positive personal experiences and situations, each containing a different lesson.

Join us on this variegated Odyssey to unravel the clandestine mysteries of Life! The speakers:

Ravi Bala Sharma | Breaking the Social Shackles

Ravi Bala Sharma is a born dancer and true inspiration for many. She is popularly known as the Dancing Dadi of India and has taken the world by a storm through her graceful and refreshing performances. She has set an example to never let age or gender be a limiting factor in one's life. Her determination to break free from societal norms and pursue her dreams is truly remarkable. Embark on this Rhythmic Odyssey with her where she discusses how she broke free from the Social Shackles of age and gender and made a name for herself.

Suren Saini | How to be successful in the name of adversity?

Meet Suren Saini, India's renowned Sales Trainer, Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Actor. With over 20 years of corporate experience and 10 years of training & coaching expertise, Suren has transformed the lives and careers of countless professionals across various industries. From a Defense Personnel to a Radio Jockey, Corporate Professional to a successful Sales Coach, Suren's inspiring journey showcases the power of determination and hard work. Hear his transformational journey where he discusses "How to be successful in the face of adversity", how he pursued his passions in life and unraveled insights from his Odysseys.

Kashish Anand | The guiding light

Kashish Anand is a remarkable Renaissance person, excelling in acting, singing, writing, and hospitality. With his versatile talent, he captivates millions through his online content. Kashish's ability to embody characters with depth in acting, his soulful voice in singing, and his thought-provoking writing resonate with audiences worldwide. Furthermore, his innovation in the hospitality industry showcases his eye for design and commitment to excellence. Invited to speak at TEDx, Kashish's talk promises to inspire and motivate listeners, exploring his multifaceted journey and encouraging others to embrace their passions. His unique perspective and creative potential make him a true force to be reckoned with.

DR. Prateek Makwana | From stigma to empowerment

A leading consultant embryologist and Director at Vasundhara Hospital Ltd. With a passion for promoting awareness and knowledge about reproductive health and genetics, he is also the ESHRE Ambassador 2022. His tireless efforts to provide credible information to the masses and normalize conversations around these topics have earned him a reputation as a trailblazer in the field. His talk is based on his insights on the impact of sexual awareness in the real world and how we can all work together to create a more informed and accepting society.

Saif Farooqi | How social media platforms help in Self-expression.

Dr Saif Farooqi is an assistant professor in the department of psychology, Jamia Millia Islamia University. Apart from teaching psychology to the young minds, he is a writer, blogger, podcaster and an independent researcher. From being a socially anxious person in his younger days to excelling in public speaking, Dr Saif Farooqi through his talk, uncovers how social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter etc helped him in Self-expression and how these platforms provide an aid to the people who are socially anxious.

Vinay Aggarwal | Cooperative Corporation in Medical Industry

Dr. Vinay Aggarwal is a recipient of the Dr. BC Roy National Award, the former National President, of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), and Founder Member of the IMA-East Delhi Branch. he is also the Director of Crosslay Remedies Ltd, Past President-CMAAO, Member of MCI, Executive Member, DMC. He truly believes in the power of communication and how important it is to be vocal about issues related to the Medical Industry in India. His conviction behind the ideas has created an impact on Indian Medicine. Through his talk, he shares his knowledge regarding the corporate view of the medical industry.

Prakriti Varshney | Living on the Extremes

Prakriti Varshney is a mountaineer, a traveler, a rescue diver and a content creator. Her was not what one might call ordinary or mundane. With her love for the Extremes, she has traversed through various ranges, has climbed 10+ peaks and made us all proud. She is the first Indian vegan woman to scale Mount Everest and also the second Indian woman to climb Ama Dablam. Through her talk, she unravels her life's greatest odyssey and how her love for extremes led her to Mt. Everest!

Bhumika Bahl | Makeup Artistry: Empowering Self-Expression and Transforming Lives

A Celebrity makeup artist, Glam-ologist, Grooming and Etiquette Expert, Makeover Expert, Kinesics Enthusiast, Language Expert and Image Consultant, Bhumika Bahl has done it all. With her years of experience and expertise in the industry, she chose to go beyond makeup artistry and gained excellence in every other niche only through her sheer determination and self-belief. She is known for her contemporary ideas that have transformed the lives of many. Through her talk, she unravels her insights from her variegated Odysseys that reimagines the Makeup industry.

S. Venkatesh | Inner Paradigm to Excellence

S. Venkatesh, a renowned alumnus of IIT Delhi & IIM Calcutta, is also a successful author, investor, entrepreneur & leadership coach. Using his in depth understanding of mindfulness, he has made a name for himself in every domain be it investing or even writing. Through is talk, he unravels the mysteries of the human mind and how you can be successful too by following these 6 Inner Paradigms to Excellence.

TED Discussions:

TED Discussion (earlier TED Circles) is an open platform of small groups that engage in conversations about ideas. They watch and discuss a TED Talk around monthly themes and then share takeaways to consider each other’s perspectives and create and be a part of a global conversation. This will also give the attendees an idea of what to expect in a TEDx talk and a glimpse into the TED ideology.

Executive Education/MDPs

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