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Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered how the innumerable clouds up there came into existence? For most of us, the answer is probably a NO, for our own respective reasons. It is only through the falling rain, that we become aware of their existence. And such is the norm widespread since the start of human civilization – we celebrate the final results while the efforts that go into them often go unnoticed.

When we shift our focus to look “behind the curtains'', widening our horizon, we subject ourselves to a set of new questions – How do we evolve from our self-centered nature to evolve into a helping hand for our society leading to a better tomorrow? Did new species of flora and fauna exist since the beginning of time or have been through innumerable mutations? How do our inspirations from different walks of life overcome their own obstacles and influence generations? And many more.

It is never too late to pursue your dreams and mutate into your better selves. But this does not happen overnight. Eventually, what comes to the spotlight are the results while the efforts and dedication gets hidden behind the clouds. Becoming the best in the business that too while facing the hurdles of life takes a lot of courage and determination. Through our theme “Clouded Mutation” we want to appreciate these efforts that remain in oblivion.

The event was held on 9th April, 2022 at FORE School of Management, with a live audience of students, corporates, educationists, and the brightest minds of our nation. The talks delivered in the event ranged from Cosmology to Entrepreneurship and even talked about ways to tackle the growing concern with Global Climate Change. The speakers were:

ABHISHEK SINGH | Entrepreneurs are Gods

The idea to be conveyed through the talk focuses upon the entrepreneurial spirit one should entail in life to solve the problem. Importance of right orientation with oneself and the goals, staying flexible, asking the right question while choosing a career, to break the social barriers and believing in oneself.

DR. PURNIMA DEVI BARMAN | Recipe For Conservation

In the talk she takes the audience through her own journey of saving an endangered species of storks. Her main idea is to show the importance of every living being in the world and factors such as their looks, superstitions and stigmas associated should not decide their existence.

DR. S. RAMACHANDARAN | How AI and ML can help us win the next virus battle?

The talk emphasizes the usage of computational techniques to find out the “Virulence Factors” of a pathogen, allowing us to know about its various mutations in advance and helping us prepare the vaccines faster for other diseases like scientists have been able to do with the development of Covid-19 vaccines. The talk also presses upon the idea that the community is hesitant about the usage of computational techniques for the development of vaccines.

DR. DAYA SHANKAR KULSHRESTHA | Looking for a theory of quantum gravity

The existing theories, such as Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, seem to break down when they are applied on a quantum scale like at the singularity of black hole. This prevents us from further exploring and unveiling the scientific implications of various events in the universe. Through this talk the speaker wants to spark curiosity in the minds of the audience and also provide them with a basic understanding of the theory of quantum gravity as well as other competing theories in the world of theoretical physics.

SHWETA DALMIA | We all can be Climapreneurs

Her talk will be about the power that lies within each one of us to be a contribution. The incredible power that’s within all of us. The power that leads us towards Climate Action.

ANMOL GARG | Career Dressing Room

The major emphasis of the talk is on the concept of a 'Career Dressing Room.' A concept in which we can try out a multitude of professions to see which one suits us best. We could perhaps 'evaluate' multiple careers, much like trying on different outfits or cars to see what works best for us, because quite often , after we start working in a particular domain is when we discover that it is not what we intended to do, but only a small percentage of us truly try to figure out what we truly want to accomplish!

NAMITA TIWARI | Magic of Marketing in Metaverse

What's in the Metaverse for Digital Marketing and brands oriented towards Indian organizations.

TED Circles:

TED Circles is an open platform of small groups that engage in conversations about ideas. Circles watch and discuss a TED Talk around monthly themes and then share takeaways online to consider each other’s perspectives and create and be a part of a global conversation. This will also give the attendees an idea of what to expect in a TEDx talk and a glimpse into the TED ideology.

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