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Faculty Publications 2018


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Gupta, Vandana

Predicting Accuracy of Valuation Multiples Using Value Drivers: Evidence from Indian Listed Firms Theoretical Economics Letter, Vol. 8, March 2018,pp 755-772, ISSN Online: 2162-2086 ISSN Print: 2162-2078 DOI:

Bera, Subhasis

Determinants of Indian Economic Growth In Sangit K. Ragi, Sunil Sondhi & Vidhan Pathak (eds.), Imagining India as Global Power Prospects and Challenges (pp 237-249), New York: Routledge

Gautam, Savita

Globalization, WTO and Trade Sustainability In Bhaskar Chatterjee, Aditi Banerji & Pragya Arya (eds.), Resolution To Resolve: Sustainability Practices In Industry And Education (pp 65-76), New Delhi: Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd

Raina, Reeta

Exploring the Efficacy of Using Theatre Techniques in Teaching Business Communication Abhigyan, Vol. 35 No. 4, Jan -March 2018, pp 21-30, ISSN : 0970-2385

Gupta, Vandana

Open Market Repurchases and Signaling Hypothesis Theoretical Economics Letters,
Vol. 8, 2018, pp 592-608,
ISSN Print: 2162-2078 DOI:
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