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Enterprise Risk Management for Creating Risk Intelligent Organization

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Duration: 2 days
Dates: January 30-31, 2020
Programme Director: Prof. Vinay Dutta
Fees: Rs. 16,000 (Non-Residential), Rs. 28,000 (Residential) Plus GST @18%


Exposure of business enterprises to risks is moving up on the ladder due to rapid pace of change, expanding business arenas, resource constraints, growing openness and accountability, continual organizational change, regulatory developments and well-publicized debacles of companies like Lehman Brothers, Satyam Computers, Enron and WorldCom. These events are adding new dimensions for creating risk awareness and managing risks among present day managers versus their counterparts a decade ago. Stakeholders today are demanding greater transparency on the subject of risks an enterprise faces and commensurate level of assurance about the robustness of the organization’s risk-taking capabilities. That being the reality why is risk an unpleasant word? Why do businesses often interpret risk as impediment to growth and ignore risk taking? Why is risk not viewed as resource for value creation? Can business enterprises, private or public, profit making or non-profits, established or start-ups re-look at risk positively to embrace it for achieving competitive advantage and sustained growth? And what exactly is the potential of using integrated risk management in creating a risk-intelligent organization when the business environment is going through a turbulent phase?

This two-day intensive case study based program has been especially designed to resolve risk management issues at strategic as well as operational level and seek out solutions for risk management at an enterprise level. Organizations that can systematically identify potential exposures, take corrective action early, and proactively learn from those actions to achieve corporate objectives.


  • Giving an insight into the fundamentals and framework of risk management.
  • Examining the present status of risk management and interrelationships between various risks assumed by businesses.
  • Developing risk infrastructure and capabilities for managing business risks at an enterprise wide level.
  • Meaning, objectives & evolution of risk management towards enterprise risk management.
  • Money management versus risk management.
  • Identification of risks and developing risk registers.
  • Risk strategy and alignment of strategic decisions with operational capabilities.
  • Financial risk management.
  • Operational risk management.
  • Human resource risk management.
  • Business disaster management and contingency planning.


The programme would be conducted in an experience-sharing mode, encouraging free interaction amongst the participants and faculty.


This programme is interdisciplinary. It is recommended that senior and middle level executives from cross-functional areas jointly attend the programme.


The program will be useful for all those who want to improve their ability to influence, motivate, inspire by being positive and assertive with others. It will be of particular benefit to: Middle & Senior Managers, Project Leaders, Team leaders, Consultants from Public Sector, Private Sector, Multinational Organizations, Government Departments and other sectors like Tourism, Hotel and Hospitals etc.


Prof. Vinay Dutta: M.Com, CAIIB, PG Diploma in IRPM, Experience: Over 30 years Prof. Dutta is a banker turned academician and an alumni of Shri Ram College of Commerce. He has over three decades of experience in Banking, Corporate Sector, Teaching and Training. He is the recipient of Dewang Mehta Business School Award for Best Teacher in Financial Management. He has co-authored a book “Commercial Bank Management” published by McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited. Prof Dutta is regularly invited by PHDCCI and other professional forums for special sessions. Prof Dutta has been associated with Punjab National Bank and Allahabad Bank as external expert in the Interview Committee for promotion to senior executive levels. He is member of the academic council of the Global Risk Management Institute, Gurgaon. He regularly contributes articles to academic and business journals. He has interest in consulting and research. He has been associated with over 300 MDPs conducted for senior and middle level public and private sector executives, including open and in-company programmes on Enterprise Risk Management for Creating Intelligent Organisation. Prior to joining FORE, he worked with Bank of India, Corporation Bank, IndusInd Bank, International Travel House (An ITC Group Company) and National Institute of Banking and Corporate Studies. He teaches courses on Behavioural Finance and Personal Wealth Management, Management of Commercial Banks and Financial Services, and Corporate Finance.

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