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FRGC 2023-24

About The Competition

About FRGC

FORE School of Management (FSM) announces Research Grant Competition (FRGC 2023-24) to promote research in Management. FSM is providing a grant funding corpus of ₹30 Lakhs for Indian research scholars to collaborate with FSM and conduct pioneering research in various fields of management having theoretical, empirical and/or policy implications.

Last Date of Application

About FORE School of Management, New Delhi

Foundation for Organisational Research and Education (FORE) is committed to advancing Management Education, Research, Training, and Consultancy. Incorporated in 1981 as a non-profit institution, FORE has been working with industry and academia to develop new managerial thought and education domains and contribute to building leaders in today's global business environment. At FORE, students are expected to have an enriching and life-turning experience which enables them to reach new heights in their professional life. Located in South Delhi, FORE provides contextual learning and helps develop students as thinking professionals who can meet tomorrow's corporate leaders' future challenges. The programs develop multiple skills, including managerial decision-making, problem-solving, analytical reasoning, communications, creativity, and innovation.

Scope of Research Collaboration

Candidates as principal researchers are free to choose their collaborators. There can be two types of collaborators:

  • Collaborator of Candidate’s choice. The collaborator can be an expert from the Candidate's Institution (Guide, Mentor, etc.) or from Industry or Outside India [Optional]

  • Collaborator (of Candidate’s preference) from FORE School of Management (FSM) [Obligatory]


  • FSM faculty, as collaborators, will help in project coordination and lend their expertise to the research work.

  • In case of an interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary research project, there may be more than one collaborator or expert representing each discipline (Maximum Two).

FRGC 2023-24: Call for Proposals

FSM invites research proposals on innovative and cutting-edge research ideas in management. We encourage the submission of research proposals that are cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary (at most 2 disciplines).

Category of Research Projects

FSM will award and fund two types of research projects on the basis of the scope, duration of the study, and budget:

(a) Short Project: Duration up to 12 months, with a budget of ₹2-3 Lakhs.

(b) Long Project: Duration up to 24 months, with a budget of ₹3-5 Lakhs.


  • Research scholars from management institutes / colleges as recognised by (or affiliated to) the AICTE / UGC recognized Indian Universities & Deemed Universities under Section 3 etc., are eligible to apply.

  • One applicant can apply for one Research Project / Grant at a time.

  • At the time of application, the research scholar must have registered for a PhD/FPM/Post-Doctoral program of the affiliated institution. The doctoral candidate must have completed PhD/FPM course work.

Selection Procedure for Awarding of Research Grant

  • Research Proposals will be screened and examined by a Research Committee.

  • Shortlisted scholars will have to make an online presentation followed by an online interview before a selection panel.

  • The Research Committee will make recommendations for the award of grants and also approve budgets for the recommended projects.

Important Dates

Closing Date for Research Proposal Submission October 31, 2023 (Extended)
Shortlisting of Research Proposals In October 2023
Presentation of short-listed Research Proposals In November 2023
Declaration of Result & Award of Grants In December 2023

Research Proposal Submission Guidelines

Submit a Research Proposal of 1500- 2000 words. Format of research proposal may contain the following:
1. Proposal Title/Topic

2. Abstract with Keywords: Provide a concise summary of your research project, including its objectives, methods, and expected outcomes. The abstract should be around 250 words and include 5-7 keywords relevant to your topic.

3. Introduction: Introduce the research topic and provide background information on the subject. Explain why this research is crucial and relevant, and how it will contribute to the existing knowledge base.

4. Literature Support: Provide relevant literature support related to your research topic.

5. Research Gaps & Objectives (Problem Statements): Identify the gaps in the extant literature and explain why they are essential to address. Clearly state your research objectives and hypothesis (if any), and explain how your research will fill the voids in the current knowledge base.

6. Data & Methodology: Explain the methodologies you will use to collect and analyze data for your research. Include details on the research design, sampling strategy, data collection tools, and data analysis procedures.

7. Research Contribution: Explain how your research will contribute to the extant knowledge base, and how it will impact the field. Identify any potential limitations or challenges that may arise during the research process, and provide a plan for addressing them.

8. Project Deliverables: State the expected deliverables.The project deliverables must include one of the following:

(i) For long projects: At least two research papers are expected

(ii) For short projects: At least one research paper is expected

The research paper must be in peer-reviewed Scopus/WoS indexed journals listed in ABDC (B and above) or ABS (2 and above). Acknowledgement to FSM must be provided for its support towards research and publication.

9. Project Duration & Budget Estimate: Long or Short duration study & proposed budget.

10. References

Registration Fees

There is NO registration fee. However, applicants need to register for the competition.

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Adhitam Kendra, B-18, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110016 (India)


(011) 46485-500