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Data Analytics for Expanding Markets

Data Analytics for Expanding Markets

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Duration: 2 days
Dates: July 2-3, 2020
Programme Director:Prof. Savita Gautam
Fees: Rs. 16,000 (Non-Residential), Rs. 28,000 (Residential) Plus GST @18%


The world is getting flat. Countries have thrown open their borders resulting in increased international trade and free flow of investments. The international business scenario has become dynamic and highly competitive. Off late, the world has also seen protectionism across countries and this results in reduction of the market access. In business, we come across situations in which we need to make decisions to go international or in which direction to expand the markets? These are some of the situations in which we have to make crucial decisions. Ideally, the decisions based on data analytics would be the most obvious choice.

The MDP on ‘Data Analytics for Expanding Markets’ would have an in-depth introduction to the Market Analysis Tools of the International Trade Center, Geneva and Trade data available on the Ministry of Commerce Website. Few of the trade indicators like the Revealed Comparative Advantage and Export Intensity will be introduced which will help the decisions of going international.

In the case of developing and expanding markets or making a decision on a product launch or to just simply sourcing a product, one should know where to extract data from and use it for making effective decisions. The course will introduce you to some of the important sources of data used in international trade and its retrieving methods, analysis of the data and its interpretation. Basic Knowledge of excel will be handy but not necessary.


The Key objective is to use authentic data understand the same and then use it for analysis. The analysis will be able to help the learner to understand the markets base and use the information for effective decisions. The programme therefore aims to achieve the following objective:

  • Understanding of the Indian Foreign trade policy
  • Understanding of International trade data of Products and Services
  • Familiarisation to the International Trade data and its sources
  • Use of the International Trade data
  • Keeping the essence of the programme in mind, it will comprise of a compact group size of maximum 20 participants so as to respond to individual query effectively.


The Programme will spread over two days and will cover the following aspects,Introduction to the Foreign Trade Policy and how its learnings is useful for anyone who is dealing in international Business. The Concept of Harmonised System of Classification (HSN) and an introduction to World Customs Organisation (WCO). How these have brought about the harmonisation across countries with respect to countries and the ‘How and Why’ of its number of revisions.

Introduction to the export – Import Data Bank of the Ministry of Commerce. Introduction to the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence (DGCIS) and its functions.

Introduction to The International Trade Center (ITC) And The Market Analysis Tools. The tools will be introduced in- depth with cases in order to know how to download which type of data depending upon the usage. All participants given individual computers so that they can try and familiarise themselves with the analysis tools.


Participative Discussions. All participants will be provided with a computer so that they can get a hands on experience about the International trade data.


Senior to middle managers who are interested in learning about International Business perspective of a company. Anyone who is interested to know how exploring international markets is done through data.

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