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Design Thinking for Strategic Problem Solving and Value Creation

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Duration: 4 days
Timings: 1000hrs -1315hrs
Dates: November 5-6, 2022 & November 12 -13, 2022
Programme Director: Prof. Mukul Joshi
Mode: Online
Fees: (Online) Rs.8000 Plus GST @18%

Programme Introduction:

Design Thinking has gained momentum recently, given its suitability for strategic value creation for the dynamically changing customer needs and preferences. This programme will introduce the participants to the principles and philosophy behind Design Thinking, exploring contemporary developments. The programme will employ a hands-on approach to understanding Design Thinking tools and techniques through individual and group activities. It will highlight a human-centric approach to new product development and the associated business models. It will discuss the challenges and benefits of strategically embedding design Thinking into the organizational culture. It will also allow the participants to brainstorm and reflect on how managers can employ humanization to understand the customer’s needs and pains and employ empathy to create strategic and futuristic designs for a sustainable planet.

Programme Objective:

  • Introduction to the philosophy and tenets of Design Thinking
  • Unraveling the Design Thinking based approach to problem-solving
  • Primer to Design Thinking stages and associated tools and techniques
  • Hands-on Demonstration of utility and applicability of Design Thinking in real problem-solving scenarios

Programme Content:

  • Introduction and background to Design Thinking and its Principles
  • Design Thinking Process and Stage-wise Use of Tools and Techniques
  • Understanding the Problem Space and Concept of ‘Reframing’
  • Employing Stakeholder Understanding while Attempting ‘Wicked Problems’
  • Exploring Creative Problem-solving Tools
  • Strategically embedding Design Thinking into an organization
  • Ensuring Futuristic Customer Experiences through Design Thinking (Activity)
  • Using Fiction and Abstraction for Intangibles and Ideas

Programme Methodology:

The programme uses a hands-on approach to learning and utilizes Design Thinking tools and techniques. There will be classroom discussions to sensitize key concepts around Design Thinking and creativity with examples. Primarily, we will introduce Design Thinking tools and techniques through individual and group activities. There will also be brainstorming sessions to identify the organization/domain-specific issues that Design Thinking can strategically resolve. The hands-on exercises will culminate into a short project involving creating a real-time solution for a real-world need/pain point, demonstrating the application of Design Thinking principles, tools, and techniques.

Target Organizations/Institutions:

Open to all

Target Participants:

Front level and Mid-Level Managers

Program Directors:

Prof. Mukul Joshi is an Assistant Professor in the Strategy Area at the FORE School of Management, New Delhi. He has a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from IIT Kanpur, where he studied the context of innovative new venture creation. His research aims to develop insights into human-centric and creative problem-solving approaches and principles used by startups, innovative new ventures, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals. He has taught Design Thinking, Strategic Entrepreneurship, and Strategy Business Simulation courses.

He has been a resource person for training and MDP programs for GAIL and Bayer. He has presented his research at reputed international conferences organized by Strategic Management Society (SMS) and Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Exchange (ACERE). He has been awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Before his Ph.D., he was an associate consultant with Infosys Limited.

Corporate Group Discount:

One complimentary nomination for every group of three nominations from the same organization, i.e., 3+1 participants for the fee of 3 participants.

For registration/enquiries , please mail to or call at 011-26856301/ + 91 9166085159/ +91 9810875278/ + 91 7976445970

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