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Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

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Duration: 2 days
Dates: September 10-11, 2020
Programme Director:Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal
Fees: Rs. 16,000 (Non-Residential), Rs. 28,000 (Residential) Plus GST @18%


What does it take to succeed in one’s career? Talent, good ideas, a good education, technical expertise, skills, hard work, motivation, initiative - all these are important. In addition to this, ‘good communication skills’ happens to be the most important of all, because every job requires to get things done through other people- co-workers, customers, managers, people in other departments in the company. One’s career success depends to a large degree on how effectively one communicates across the different channels. Another need in today’s times is the art of effective presentations, as these have become a necessary part of a Manager’s job requirement irrespective of the function that a manager handles.

Numerous studies have also revealed how communication in the business organizations has become all the more important for today’s managers given the complexity of business operations, across increasing locations, time spans and people. The ever increasing pressure on time and attention span has brought forth the importance of effective communication to lead and excel.

Keeping the above factors in mind, this MDP has been designed to enhance and hone the communication and presentation skills of managers working up in their career for leadership roles.


  • To create powerful first impressions
  • To communicate in a clear, objective & systematic manner
  • To deliver different types of presentations confidently
  • To hone listening skills
  • To improve interpersonal communication skills
  • To appreciate the nuances of cross cultural values and communication


  1. Significance of Oral & Non-Verbal Communication
  2. Techniques to hone Listening Skills
  3. Effective Presentation Skills
  4. Informative and Persuasive Presentations
  5. Enhancement of body language and voice modulation
  6. Art of receiving and giving feedback
  7. Interpersonal communication at work place
  8. Business Etiquette with a cross cultural perspective


The programme is designed in a systematic manner to proceed from basic to advanced strategies and skills required by managers. The programme provides insights through real-life experiences, case studies, interactive discussions, inspiring films, and simulation activities. Individualized coaching and feedback is offered through worksheets, checklists, and exercises through role plays and theatre. Presentation skills session will be backed by video recording, playback and feedback.


The program will be useful for all those who want to improve their ability to influence, motivate, inspire and communicate effectively with others. It will be of particular benefit to: New Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Project Leaders, Team leaders, Senior Managers, Consultants from Public Sector, Private Sector, Multinational Organizations, Government Departments and other sectors like Tourism, Hotel and Hospitals etc.

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