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FORE Sports and Cultural Division

FORE Sports and Cultural Division works to alleviate the burden of academics by encouraging a spirit of competitiveness and sportsmanship among our students. We want to give students opportunities by leading teams in various sports and involving them in extracurricular activities at other business schools. Through various events, our committee aims to instill values such as discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and respect, helping our students develop important life skills that extend beyond the playing field. Throughout the year, Team FSCD hosts a variety of events ranging from indoor and outdoor sports to cultural events that energize the aspiring leaders of tomorrow.

Some of the events organized by the team are as follows:

  • SAMAR - SAMAR, the intercollege sports fest, saw participation from over 10 B-schools across India. It featured cricket, football, table tennis, chess, and FIFA. The event showcased thrilling matches in each sport, from intense face-offs to strategic battles. SAMAR provided a platform for students to display their sporting skills, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie. The event celebrated the passion for sports among college students and left a lasting impression on all participants.
  • Step Up - FORE Sports and Cultural Division organizes ‘Step Up – An Offline Western / Semi-Western Group Dance Competition’ – an inter-college group dance competition that invites entry from all undergraduate and graduate institutes of Delhi NCR. The stage invites various passionate dancers across institutes to put their best foot forward while engaging in a fiery battle of moves.
  • Section Wars - Section Wars is an all-out sports festival involving various sports. Teams from each section battle it out with each other for the ultimate prize to call themselves the champions of section wars. The event comprises participation from sections in various sports like Box Cricket League, Tug of War, Arm wrestling, Throwball, and Table Tennis. Participation is ensured by both genders across all sections.
  • SPIC MACAY - The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY) is an esteemed organization entrusted with the responsibility to organize cultural shows reflecting various facets of our rich Indian heritage. FSCD coordinates with the organization and invites various artists skilled in different art forms to perform within the college premises. SPIC MACAY promotes intangible aspects of Indian cultural heritage by promoting Indian classical music, classical dance, folk music, and other aspects of our heritage. FSCD organized a Rajasthani folk event in association with SPIC MACAY. The event had the audience witness a riveting performance by Shri Anwar Khan Langa Ji and his crew of artists.
  • Box Cricket League - Box Cricket League (BCL) was conducted in a ‘Gully Cricket’ format and was initiated by team FORE Sports and Cultural Division to increase interaction across the batch of 23’ and 24’. The event aimed to ensure female participation and the spirit of sportsmanship. Box Cricket League was conducted in a League-cum-Knockout format and the top two teams were awarded for their excellence. Additionally, the best players (each from the female and male categories) were also acknowledged for their consistency throughout the tournament.
  • Talent Hunt - An event set with the intent to provide a stage for participants to showcase their talent in the areas catering Singing, mimicry, stand-up, poetry, etc. The aim of this event is not just to engage participants in a healthy competition but to also enhance and amplify the cultural aspect within the students as they witness an evening of enthralling performances.
  • League of Legends -An indoor sporting event called League of Legends was created to help students decompress from the pressure of final exams and job placements. Carrom, Chess, and Table Tennis were the three sub-events available in League of Legends. League-cum-Knockout rules were used to conduct the event. By creating distinct Table Tennis categories for women, the event guaranteed their participation.
  • Fling It -Fling It is an all-exclusive Girls’ Throwball Tournament. The event's goal is to promote and inspire our campus' female athletes. The players engaged in friendly competition throughout the competition. Fling It saw 5 team registrations and over 20 participants. The event was conducted over 2 days. A knockout format was used to determine the winner between the top two teams based on their total scores. We spotted potential in the contestants, and we can proudly say that our girls can compete with anyone.

Event Gallery :

Team FSCD:

  • Abhishek Pathak (Coordinator)

  • Akshat Gupta (Co-Coordinator)

  • Mahima Sharma (Senior Member)

  • Nishtha Bhati (Senior Member)

  • Simran Sethi (Senior Member)

  • Sohrabh Singh Sethee (Senior Member)

  • Tanya Garg (Senior Member)

Events and Activities Reports :

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