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Making Business case studies exciting; A consultant's orientation

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Dates: August 17 -18, 2023
Programme Director:Prof. Anil Kumar Singh
Mode: Online



Programme Introduction:

If you are a catalyst to hone the public speaking skills of your students, wish to share their vision for future leadership positions, support them in self learning initiative, facilitate understanding of team and peers, we cannot escape cases. Cases expose students to real business dilemmas and decisions. Cases teach students to size up business problems quickly while considering the broader organizational, industry, and societal context. Students recall concepts better when they are set in a case, much as people remember words better when used in context. Cases teach students how to apply theory in practice and how to induce theory from practice. The case method cultivates the capacity for critical analysis, judgment, decision-making, and action. For self-motivated student’s groups at elite business schools case discussion invites excitement and engages students to prove their point. It is not the same in majority of business schools.

Programme Objectives:

Case teaching emphasizes the centrality of professional decisions or actions and their variance according to distinctive, real-world case situations. Further, case-based instruction argues for an increased emphasis on the study of teachers' perspectives and knowledge rather than theory, thereby allowing for the emergence of the voice of the teacher as central to what happens in classrooms, because teachers are inextricably linked to the actions and decisions of teaching. What concerns us relates to; Unfamiliarity with case teaching, Relating cases to a theoretical base, Case preparation, Case emphases, Speculation and Case complexity. Therefore, the programme outcomes will focus apart from the practical challenges like size of the class, time frame for discussion, physical setting for discussion, knowing students name, professional linkage to the case context, modelling for discussions and alike we will develop an understanding about;

  • Effective Strategies for introducing cases
  • Developing Teaching style of the case leader
  • Driving Student Participation in case discussion.
  • Impactful Communication in case discussions.
  • Instructors Questioning techniques.
  • Ensuring Focused case discussion.
  • Ensuring Focused case discussion.

Programme Contents:

  • How Consultants approach a case
  • Identification and selection of case studies.
  • Facilitating preparation by students
  • Discussion phase
  • Analytical phase
  • Closing and take home


Programme Methodology:

Four representative case studies will be selected and dealt in the programme.


Targets participants:

  • Academicians, Researchers
  • Managers at various decision making levels
  • Management Students & Research Scholars


Dates & Duration of the Programme

August 17 -18, 2023 (10:00 AM- 1:00PM &- 2:00 PM- 05:00 PM on each day)


Programme Fee

Particulars Fee for Online (Rs.)
Faculty Members 2360
Research Scholars/ Students 1180
Corporate Executives 4720

Please note the fee is inclusive of GST@18%

Programme Director:

Prof. Anil Kumar Singh

Prof. Prachi Bhatt: Prof. Anil Kumar Singh is an accomplished academic and strategy expert who presently holds the position of Professor and Area Chair of Strategy at the FORE School of Management in New Delhi. Having spent more than 24 years in this field, he has been imparting his knowledge to future managers and has been actively engaged in conducting research on various aspects of strategy, competitive advantage, value creation, change management, and innovation. He has contributed significantly to the academic field with two edited books and 20+ publications in journals like Technological Forecasting and Social Change, International Journal of Strategic Change Management, International Journal of Management and Business Research, Human Systems Management, and more. He is a accomplished researcher with expertise in the areas of dynamic capabilities, sustainability strategies, organizational adaptation, agility, strategic change, sustainability practices, and developing new business models. His diverse research and consulting interests share a common objective of empowering businesses to adapt and prosper in the ever-changing global economy. By providing the necessary tools, insights, and skills, he equips future leaders with the resources they need to succeed in the dynamic business landscape.


How to Apply

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Executive Education Office
FORE School of Management
“Adhitam Kendra” B-18, Qutub Institutional Area,
New Delhi 110016

For registration/enquiries , please mail to or call at +919166085159/+91 9810875278 /+91-11-46485562 /41242477


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