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  • The induction program for batch 2019-21 at FORE School of Management serves inspiration and advice for new beginnings

The induction program for batch 2019-21 at FORE School of Management serves inspiration and advice for new beginnings

  • FORE School of Management, New Delhi welcomed the batch of 2019-21 of management aspirants with Induction program held in the presence of leading industry names. The ceremony held on 21st June had Ms. Jaya Singh, Associate Director, Lead Search-Recruiter and Consulting and Ms. Anjali Amar Joneja, Country Manager, Verizon as the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour respectively. Besides their sterling careers, the fact that they are both alumni of the B School, was further inspiration to the students of the new batch. The induction ceremony for PGDM, PGDM – International Business, and PGDM – Financial Management students began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp. Prof. Sanghamitra Budhhapriya, Dean – Academics started the proceedings by welcoming the new batch of students. She spoke of the journey of transformation they would be taken on during the course of their programs. Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director then took to the stage for the highly anticipated Welcome Address that offered the gathering plenty of food for thought.

    During his speech Dr. Das asserted that the B School would do everything to ensure that students’ expectations and aspirations were matched. “We will always make sure that you are provided with all that is required for quality learning, but it is up to you to have the zeal to learn and transform yourselves into the able beings,” he said. He then took the students through highlights of the curriculum and activity-based learning before reminding them that education should be seen as tapasya, which bears fruit when efforts are put in. It was the perfect moment for the ceremonial orientation oath by the freshers. It was followed by Dr. BBL Madhukar’s address to the gathering. The Vice President (Finance) and Treasurer of the B School talked about the common corporate practices that affect the indigeneity. According to him, our culture and language are our assets that need to be nurtured. “It is the R&D where the companies should invest to ensure their growth, rather than mimicking their foreign counterparts,” he added to a round of applause. Ms. Anjali Amar Joneja, Country Manager, Verizon has come a long way in her career since her first day on FORE School of Management campus in 1994. She spoke of the path the B School set her on and friends she made during her program. She highlighted the importance of resilience through her own example of getting through to IBM, her dream company, on 20th attempt. “If you dream, whatever you dream for, set it in your heart and make sure that you achieve it” she said before offering her mantras for success to the freshers. Ms. Jaya Singh, Associate Director, Lead Search-Recruiter and Consulting, the Chief Guest for the day also shared anecdotes from her illustrious career to drive home her point with the students. She talked of the time when she moved from Pepsico, a global MNC to Hindustan Times, a Hindi daily. She said that she liked the transition because the job brought her closer to her roots. “Have plans but not a fixed mindset. Clarity in life is important. Asking for help from others is not a weakness, collaborate,” she recounted some of her success secrets. Dr. BBL Madhukar offered tokens of appreciation to the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour for gracing the occasion. Dr. Digambar Prasad, Manager – Academics offered the Vote of Thanks as the ceremony drew to a close. It was a day of new beginnings made special with thoughtful words, advice and inspiration that will be the perfect start for the journey the freshers will be taken on for the next two years.

    Interestingly, FORE has become one of the very few business schools to achieve a remarkable gender diversity this year with almost 50% female students taking admission. In addition, the 360 students admitted from 8000+ applications come from 23 states across India. This makes FORE exceptional in terms of both diversity and gender balance, something the B-school has consistently worked on achieving.

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