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Nurturing the 5th Dimension of Leadership

Nurturing the 5th Dimension of Leadership

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Duration: 2 days
Dates: October 8-9, 2020
Programme Director: Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal
Fees: Rs. 16,000 (Non-Residential), Rs. 28,000 (Residential) Plus GST @18%


A leader who hands down orders or tries to solve every problem single-handedly and unilaterally isn’t really leading. After all, as one expert put it, solutions don’t solve anything unless they ‘live’ in People’s behavior. This means leaders must help others learn how to solve problems and workout solutions. In this age of flatter organizational structures and localized decision making, the nature of leadership has changed. Leadership is no longer wielding unilateral power. Rather it is about mobilizing people to face challenges that require new habits, new values or priorities, or new ways of doing business. Can a leader with a fierce resolve to win, strike a chord with humility. Yes it is possible with level 5 leadership - 5th dimension of leadership propounded by Jim Collins. “Good to Great transformations don’t happen without level 5 leaders at the helm”.


  • To understand the different dimensions/levels of leadership
  • To analyze the emotional level of a leader
  • To be an empathetic listener
  • To have high concern for task and people
  • To be able to nurture the seeds of level five leadership


  1. Significance and importance of different dimensions/levels of leadership-Level 5 Leadership propounded by Jim Collins
  2. Managing the emotional self of a Leader and communicating during crises
  3. Understanding self and striking an emotional balance between IQ and technical skills
  4. Managing multiple roles
  5. Creative Business Meetings through power sharing
  6. Listening, understanding and responding
  7. Communicating like a leader


The methodology is going to be very interactive with lots of activity based sessions. These will include self-assessment inventories, case studies, group discussion, role-plays, presentations and theatre.


The participants are expected to be a good mix of senior level executives from Public Sector, Private Sector, Multinational Organizations, Government Departments and other sectors like Tourism, Hotel, BFSI, Advertising and Hospitals etc.

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