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Prof. Sunanda Nayak

Prof. Sunanda Nayak

FPM, MDI Gurgaon; Master’s in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, Utkal University; Master’s in Sociology, Utkal University


Contact: 011-4648550565

Total Years of Experience

12 Years

Brief description of Experience

Dr. Sunanda Nayak holds a Doctorate (Fellow programme in Management), Master’s degree in personnel management with having specialization in Human resources management and Master’s degree in Sociology with having specialization in Industrial Sociology. She earned her FPM degree from the MDI Gurgaon, India. She is having 12 years of working experience in corporates and in academics. She has published multiple research papers in journals of repute (including FT 50 and ABDC journals) such as Harvard Business Review, International Journal of Manpower, Aslib Journal of Information Management Journal, Thunderbird International Business Review, and has attended several international conferences including AOM Annual meeting. Along with this, she acts as a reviewer for many leading journals including Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Management & Organization, Evidence Based Human Resource Management Journal, International al Journal of Manpower and International Journal of Engineering Business Management.

Research Interest Areas

Human resources management, Expatriates, E-commerce, Technostress, Employee ethical behaviours, and HR analytics.

Consulting Interest Areas

Talent Management, HR analytics, Employer Branding, Mental health, Wellbeing.

Selected Publications

1) Nayak et al., (2022). Commitment Based Human Resources Practices (CBHRP) And Knowledge Creation In Ambidextrous Organizations.Thunderbird International Business Review.
2) Nayak, S., & Budhwar, P. (2022). Negative Effects of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) and Technostress: Empirical Evidence from R& D Centers in India. Aslib Journal of Information Management Journal.74 (5), 956-988.
3) Nayak, et al., (2021). Exploring the dark-side of E-HRM: a study of social networking sites and deviant workplace behavior. International Journal of Manpower. 43(1), 89-115.
4) Nayak, et al., (2021). Mediation framework connecting knowledge contract, psychological contract, employee retention, and employee satisfaction: An empirical study. International Journal of Engineering Business Management, 13, 18479790211004007.
5) Nayak, S., & Bhatnagar, J. (2018). Case Study Are Our Customer Liaisons Helping Or Hurting? Harvard Business Review, 96(1), 147-151. (FT- 50 Journal)
6) Nayak, et al., (2018). Leveraging social networking for talent management: an exploratory study of Indian firms. Thunderbird International Business Review, 60(1), 21-37. (ABDC-B)
7) Nayak, S., & Bhatnagar, J. (2016). Impact of commitment-based HR practices on knowledge creation in ambidextrous organizations. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2016, No. 1, p. 16706. Academy of Management.
8) Nayak, S., & Bhatnagar, J. (2016). “Theranos: Exploring The Value of Early Detection Of Diseases” (Case) with reference 316-0032-1, ECCH, UK.?

Executive Education/MDPs

FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.