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Prof. Himanshu Joshi

  • Prof. Himanshu Joshi

    Why is PGDM Finance a Great Career Move?

    Public equity markets in India have fetched World beating returns in the post Covid rallies. Markets that rode on ultra-low interest rates, unprecedented cash flows in equity mutual funds, and rising trend of passive investing among the retail investors have already started showing some signs of overheating. As the fund managers say that the pressure to perform is greater in a bull market than in a bear market, mastering the art of equity research and fund management requires mental steadiness besides advanced number crunching skills and comprehensive understanding of macroeconomic and global developments.

    Intense competition in the public equity sphere has forced many high net worth investors to move to the more information asymmetric spheres of private equity in search of better risk adjusted returns. Besides, a rising trend towards digital consumerism in food delivery, e-commerce and retail has resulted in bourgeoning of tech-driven businesses in the pandemic and ensuing post pandemic recovery periods. These tech-driven startups have attracted cash laden private equity and venture capital investors from across the globe. Managing unconventional investments like private equity and ventures funds require unconventional skillset of conjoining the expertise of strategy and finance, and a temperament to pursue the grail of risk adjusted excess returns.

    While traditional finance courses like Chartered Accountancy and CFA aims to develop definite finance skillsets in auditing, financial reporting, and investment research, it is the Post Graduate Diploma in Finance (PGDM-Finance) Programme from Premier B-Schools that equip the future finance professionals with requisite skillset in finance, strategy, economics, communication and quant. PGDM – Finance graduates are highly sought after in top commercial and investment banks, non-banking financial services firms, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and even leading consultancy organizations across the country and the world.

    This course will not only provide you with practical knowledge and understanding of finance operations, but will also assist you in developing management and technical skills. Majority of graduates want to work in a solid, well-paying professions after the completion of their courses. In order to fruitfully achieve the aforementioned, it is imperative to understand financial numbers and make productive decisions regarding new products, projects, investments and stocks. Additionally, they can specialize in mergers and acquisitions to promote a cohesively global culture within and beyond their organization. Thus, pursuing a PGDM in Finance is a smart choice that will help you chart a successful professional path in highly paid finance and consulting job market.

    Why is PGDM Finance Popular Amongst Gen Z

    Generation Z has made a name for themselves in the workplace by exhibiting unprecedented levels of digital and financial proficiency, commitment, analytical mindset, goal-oriented ambition, and most importantly - their risk taking ability.  As the workforce becomes more influenced by Generation Z, it will be critical for employers to understand the work and benefits that they must provide in order to effectively nurture them as better business leaders. New generation workers are always crucial to hire since they bring a fresh perspective and insight to the table, as well as significant talents.

    Managers who are in their middle-age have a stronger rapport with Gen Z. Additionally, Gen Z also urge for a more balanced work/life experience to help them avoid the burnout that has plagued previous generations, with 38% ranking work/life balance as a top priority when looking for a job.

    All the aforementioned pointers can be successfully attained through the means of a comprehensive PGDM Finance course. Keeping their ambitions in mind, and matching with their demands, a PGDM Finance course from a reputed B-School is their go-to plan for fulfilling their ideas of life and livelihood.

    Diverse Opportunities

    The world of banking, finance and consulting offers a never-ending supply of opportunities. Although, finance is a support function in the majority of product market based as well as services providing firms, it sets the agenda for corporate objective in terms of shareholders’ wealth maximization, corporate governance, equity linked compensation plans, and as a crucial performance measure. On the other side of the table, the investment domain provides generous opportunities in commercial and retail banking, investment banking, equity and fixed income research, fund management, private equity, venture funds, and hedge funds. Therefore, after successfully completing your post graduate diploma in finance (PGDM- Finance) from a top B-School in Delhi, you will have diverse alternatives for selecting and working in your preferred field.

    Enhanced Salary Prospects

    High wages are another factor that makes a PGDM in Finance a good career choice. Wherever they move and whatever firm they work for, skilled financial experts will receive a higher pay. Obviously, compensation structures differ from one firm to the next, but financial experts from India's PGDM institutions are well-versed in negotiating appealing packages. Apart from that, you should keep up with current developments in order to stay one step ahead of your colleagues in the competitive market and command better pay.

    For instance, you may have come across several corporate success stories wherein individuals have risen through the ranks in their organisations based on their understanding of numbers and financial policy making. Several CEOs in the modern business ecosystem were previously CFOs in their organisations.


    So, these are some of the arguments in favour of pursuing a career in the financial sector. Enrol at a reputed B-School to get your PGDM in finance. When choosing a B-School, make sure it has a solid reputation for delivering high-quality education, highly qualified and experienced teachers, excellent learning and research infrastructure, and an impeccable placement track record.

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