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Retirement Planning for Middle Level and Sr. Executives

Retirement Planning for Middle Level and Sr. Executives

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Duration: 2 days
Dates: September 24-25, 2020
Programme Director: Prof. Vinay Dutta
Fees: Rs. 16,000 (Non-Residential), Rs. 28,000 (Residential) Plus GST @18%


Increased level of wealth created by individuals and brighter yet uncertain future economic conditions has substantially augmented the demand for sound professional advice on superannuation planning, commonly referred as retirement planning. Superannuation planning essentially entails setting financial and non-financial goals to live happily in retirement. However, to be sure that your life is full of enjoyment, you must have an understanding of the basic financial principles for managing personal finances in general and specifically on superannuation. This two day programme has been designed to prepare Oil India Limited executives for critically and logically analyzing the process of making independent financial decisions for seeking financial freedom during matured phase of life. Programme also aims at empowering the participants to develop strategies for managing personal finances on trans-generational basis.


To enable the participants to improve and develop a deeper understanding of their finances through:

  • Extending their present knowledge with current insights from wealth Management perspective;
  • Empowering the participants to develop capabilities to assess their pre and post superannuation financial needs;
  • Providing framework of wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth distribution.


  1. Fundamentals of personal finances: Purpose of money, money and happiness
  2. Emotional and financial aspects of personal financial planning: Life situation and personal values, economic, emotional and social factors affecting financial planning
  3. Financial planning process- Determining current financial situation, developing personal financial goals, identifying alternative courses of action, evaluating alternatives, implementing financial action plan, reviewing and revising financial plan
  4. Goal setting: Financial and non-financial goals, goal-setting process, monitoring goals
  5. Retirement planning: Basics of retirement planning, retirement options, planning for retirement cash flows, adjusting retirement living expenses, preserving and rebalancing of portfolio on retirement
  6. Investment options at pre and post retirement phase, factors affecting choice of investments, and
  7. Estate Planning: What is estate planning? Nomination versus Will, Will versus Gift, Types of Will, Drafting sample will.


An interactive mode of teaching by engaging the participants through use of case studies, practical exercises and group discussions.


Officials in pre-retirement phase, seeking voluntary retirement and officers having interest in developing capabilities for managing personal finances

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