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Jagpreet Singh

  • Jagpreet Singh

    Jagpreet is one of the first three FOREians from the batch of 2012-14 to have cracked international placements. All set to join Khimji Ramdas - one of the most respected business houses of the world which has Indian roots - Jagpreet will be immediately leaving for Muscat (Oman) after completing his PGDM from FORE School of Management, New Delhi. He will be joining Khimji Ramdas as Section Sales Manager

    A Delhi boy to the core, Jagpreet is one of the ‘diverse’ inclusions of the course of 2012-14. In his own words, he comes from a “non-engineering and non-commerce background”, since he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Bio Sciences from Sri Venkateswara College, New Delhi.

    “By the time I had graduated, I realised that research was not my cup of tea. After discussing the various alternatives with my professors, I narrowed my options down to PGDM and started preparing for it. That is how I was able to make it to an elite B-school like FORE. Once I got in, my non-engineering, non-commerce background did not make any difference, because the teaching methods employed by the faculty at FORE create a level playing field for all of us in no time,” he said.

    During the rigorous selection process of Khimji Ramdas, Jagpreet was always a step ahead of the competition. The selection process started with an online examination which was conducted along lines similar to CAT. The test had a set of 40 questions with a mix of Logical Reasoning, Aptitude, English Language and Mathematics. Just 23 were shortlisted after this round. For the next round, Khimji Ramdas got a selection panel of two people especially fly down from Muscat.

    He admits that the GD round was tough, where his group had been given a rather tricky subject - Should Delhi be the capital city of India?

    At the end of the GD, Jagpreet was announced as one of the ‘Top 9’ students shortlisted for the interview process, which followed immediately afterwards.

    Due to an exam on the same day, I was the penultimate student to be interviewed. The interview process went on for 20 minutes, during which they asked me about my background, my summer internship, and other related questions. I was then called up for a second time during which they enquired about my long-term plans, my goals, my passion and hobbies.

    Jagpreet believes that it was this round which clinched the deal for him. “My mentors at FORE School of Management had asked me to look out for the opportunity to turn the interview to my areas of strength. The world of sports occupies a large part of my life. I dream of meeting my idol Roger Federer, and watching my favorite football team, Real Madrid,” he says.

    Jagpreet, a movie buff, explained to the interviewers why he was a big fan of Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of Caribbean, played by Johnny Depp. This round lasted for about 15 minutes.

    At around 6pm in the evening, the representatives from Khimji Ramdas declared the results - Jagpreet Singh was going to Oman!

    At around 6pm in the evening, the representatives from Khimji Ramdas declared the results - Jagpreet Singh was going to Oman!

    “The feeling was unreal and it took me a while to realise what had just happened. At FORE I have been extremely lucky to be taught by some excellent professors. Throughout the course there was a special focus on assignments. We have also been exposed to some exceptional case studies and on-the-job training. But it is on the interpersonal side that I’ve grown the most. I knew I had gained personally at FORE, but it was only when the results of Khimji Ramdas were announced that I realised how much.”

    Jagpreet knows the challenges of working in a different country, and understands that culture differences will surely test his skills. To understand differences in consumer behaviour and to understand the Omani culture will be the challenges that he’ll have to start dealing with. But, despite this being his first job, Jagpreet believes he is as ready as can be; thanks to the FORE advantage.

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