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Strategic Management

Adj. Prof Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay

Experience: 35 years

Dr Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay is presently the Advisor (equivalent to Director), Office of Regional Economic Integration, Asian Development Bank (ADB). Manila. He worked with ADB since 1998 in several senior positions. During 2007-2011, he was Lead Professional and Advisor to Dean (equivalent to the position of Director) with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Institute on secondment from ADB. He is an adjunct professor with Fore Scholl of Management, New Delhi. He is a Fellow of Center for Economic Studies, the CESIfo institute, a joint initiative of University of Munich and Ifo Institute for Economic research. He is also an Advisory Board member of the Asian Logistics Council, Kuala Lumpur and a member of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Development and Conflict of World Scientific.


He was the Task Manager of the pioneering ADB/ADBI’s Flagship Study “Infrastructure and Regional Cooperation” and was the principal author of the book, ”Infrastructure for a Seamless Asia”. He is presently Task Manager of an ongoing ADB/ADBI’s major study “Role of Asian Emerging Economies: ASEAN, China and India for a Sustainable, Resilient and Balanced Asia: 2030”. He is also an advisor to the ongoing ADB/ADBI’s flagship study, “Climate Change and Green Growth in Asia”. He is also editor (jointly with Dean Kawai, ADBI and Managing Director General Nag, ADB) and task manager of the book Infrastructure for Asian Connectivity published by Edward Elgar in April 2012 and the editor of the edited book “International and Regional Production Network” (to be published by Edward Elgar).


Prior to Joining ADBI, he worked in various positions with ADB (i) Advisor to the Managing Director General, and the Principal Reform Coordination Specialist with ADB’s Office of the President, (ii) Senior Economist with Office of Regional Economic Integration, (iii) Senior Policy and Strategy Specialist with Strategy and Policy Department and (iv) Economic Research Department.


Dr. Biswa has 35 years of working experience (including management, banking, research, consultancy, teaching, training, and capacity development) in Asia and the Pacific, USA, and the Middle East. He obtained his PH.D from Iowa State University, USA, and BS (Hons) and MS the Indian Statistical Institute with top ranks and scholarship for academic excellence.


Prior to joining ADB, he worked in various capacities at senior levels: (i) Economic Advisor/Expert, Economic Policy and Research Dept., Qatar Central Bank Chief Researcher and Training advisor, Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies, Kuwait Central Bank; (ii) Professor with—the National Institute of Bank Management of India, National Institute of Industrial Engineering of India, Economic Research Department of Indian Statistical Institute, India; University of Missouri-Columbia and (iii) Instructor with Iowa State University, USA,


He has published more than 100 articles and working papers in renowned international journals and working paper series (such as US Journal of Asian Economies, US J. of Monetary Economics, International Economics and Economic Policy, Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy, Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter (Economic Policy Papers, Austrian) Irving Fisher Statistics (IFS) Bulletin, Netherlands, , Asia Development Review, International J of Development and Conflict, Economic Policy Papers, J. of American Statistical Association; Sankhya, J. of Indian Statistical Institute, J. of Regional Sciences, UN Journal on Asia Pacific Development, Canadian J. of Marketing Research, UK International Journal of Bank Marketing and J. on Engineering Costs and Production Economics, J. of National Income and Wealth, ASEAN Economic Bulletin, CESifo, J. of Infrastructure Development, Arab Banking and Finance). He has also published 30 books/book chapters, many project/consultancy reports, ADB Board papers and research papers.

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