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Deep Learning-Foundation and Advances

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Duration: 3 days
Dates: January 15-17, 2019
Programme Director: Prof. Ashok Kumar Harnal & Prof. Lalit K. Jiwani
Fees: Rs. 24,000 (Non-Residential), Rs. 40,000 (Residential) Plus GST @18%


Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is revolutionizing technology, business, services and industry in a manner not seen before. This has been possible due to the rapid progress and strides made in the computing and graphic processor technologies and the widespread use of internet and mobile devices. This has led to increased generation and availability of data to exploit. Not only most of the bigger multinational corporations but also the many startups are exploiting these data to offers products and services hitherto unheard and requires skilled people in this niche arear. It is the objective of this Programme to expose the audience to this important area of Artificial Intelligence i.e. Deep Learning. Applications of Deep Learning ranges from Computer Vision to Speech and Language understanding & translation to marketing and to drug discovery. The objectives of the present Programme are:

  • To expose the target audience to issues and challenges in Deep Learning.
  • To help them start working in the Machine Learning framework.
  • To address key issues in Deep Learning and Associated technologies for Learning and Decision making applications in variety for data sets – speech, text, images and videos.
  • Deep learning, Reinforcement Learning and transfer learning.
  • Practical implementation of each of the major technologies.
  • How to choose specific technology for variety of problems at hand.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL).
  • Introduction to basic data and operations in Python – Examples.
  • Neural Networks and applications with an introduction to Keras, Tensorflow and Theano tools.
  • Developing Machine Learning Algorithm – features, overfitting and under fitting and aplications, Reinforcement Learning.
  • Deep Learning – fundamentals, covnets, data augmentation, Recurrent Neural Network(RNN) and The Long Short- Term Memory (LSTM) algorithm, and application to computer vision, text and sequences.
  • Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing: Bag of Words, Word2Vec, Vec2Word
  • Deep Learning – Best Practices.


Looking at the expected diversity of audience, we fill follow a balance of practical approach and intuitive theoretical explanation. Each of the concept introduced will be explained and the tasks at hand will be carefully executed in the Python and Keras. The code will be given to participants with detailed explanation of the code itself in the code. Each of the participant and the instructor are using executing the same code, so that concepts can be deeply explained. The data set for each of the exercises are made available to participants in advance. Our e-learning platform has a wealth of material and articles reflecting latest developments in this field; it is frequently updated. Students are assured of continued access to e-learning site even after the Programme has finished. We believe that sessions will be interactive and there is enough upgradation both in skills and intellectual ability in the fascinated area of Deep Learning.


This Programme is ideally suited for product and services companies where the core business is in Artificial Intelligence or are using Artificial Intelligence for analytics and decision making. It is also useful for executives of marketing and market research companies.


The course is especially designed for working professionals like managers, engineers, faculty and senior graduate students, who are keen on developing skills in both fundamentals and application in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. An analytical background and/or bent of mind would be preferable.


Prof. Ashok K Harnal: Graduated from IIT Delhi in Electronics and Communication; M. Phil with Distinction from Punjab University, Chandigarh, and MA (Economics) from Punjabi University. Expert in Big Data, Data Analytics and Deep Learning, both on the technology side as also on Analytics side. Extensively taught faculty and students on the subject of big data technology and analytics. Has been associated with University of California, Riverside, US, in one of the Executive Education Programmes on Big Data and Data Analytics for last three years. Participated in various machine learning projects with real world data in areas of business, environment, marketing and advertisement. Conceived, planned & implemented in Defence Estates three country-wide information systems: a) Raksha Bhoomi to computerize land records; b) Knowledge Management of land-title related files/maps in all Defence Estates offices; and c) Setting up of a Disaster Management organization, Archival Unit and Resource Center, at Delhi and at Pune for safe storage of land-title related records in paper, digital & microfilm forms. Authored two books: one on Programing Games on Computers and the other on Linux Applications and Administration; both books have been published by Tata McGraw-Hill.

Prof Lalit K Jiwani (PhD, IIT Delhi) is an Experienced academician and researcher with interest in Analytics and Decision Science. He has 14+ years of experience both in industry and academics. His primary interest is in the creation and application of Information Technology for Business and Management. His teaching and research interests are in the area of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics and Random Processes, Analytics and Information Technology for Business. He conducted research and published in various national and international journals namely IEEE, EURASIP to name a few.

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