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Alumni Speaks

  • Ms. Anusha Gupta

    Profile: Assistant Vice President

    Company: Darashaw & Company Private Limited

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    Currently I am been working as an Investment Advisor with Darashaw & Company Private Limited, wherein my profile revolves around providing investment advisory to retirement benefit trusts for management of their funds. The objective is to optimize gains amid evolving market dynamics, by conducting comprehensive portfolio analysis, to gauge the safety and liquidity of the portfolio.

    My day to day tasks involves Industry analysis, Issuer Analysis – (Liquidity, Capital Structure, and Business Mix to understand its creditworthiness), streamlining strategic decision making and carrying out feasibility studies using qualitative and quantitative analysis and present results thereof. My role includes Business Development and bringing in new clients for the organization.

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  • Ms. Neha Kant

    Profile: Founder & Director at Clovia Lingerie

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    I graduated from the FORE School of Management in 2004 and started working as an Account Executive with FCB Ulka. I went on to join Bag It Today (India Today Group), where I headed Sales and Marketing, and later joined as a Digital Marketing Head. In 2014 I decided to start my own venture with all the experience I had gained and founded Clovia Lingerie.

    Currently, I am the Founder and Director of Clovia Lingerie, one of the fastest-growing Indian lingerie brands. We have now expanded our business from lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, activewear, shapewear to women’s personal care, beauty and hygiene products and are en route to becoming a global name in this sector.

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  • Mr. Nishant Ahuja

    Profile: Vice President and Team Head - INDmoney
    FMS Achiever Alumni from the PGDM Batch 2011-13

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    Since my graduation from FORE, I have built my career around financial services and wealth management in particular. I have worked with Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank before joining INDmoney as Assistant Vice President in 2018. Currently, I am Vice President at INDmoney, which is a one-stop SuperMoneyApp for all finances. The app automatically organizes customers’ finances, helps them to plan their goals, and uses machine learning to help them save and invest at zero commissions.

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  • Dr. Monisha Borthakur

    Profile: Director-Sales and Client Services, Infosys Ltd
    FMS Achiever Alumni from the PGDM Batch 2000-02

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    I had a long stint of 8 years with PwC at the start of my career working in Advisory Consulting under GRID(Government Reforms & Infrastructure Development) unit. For the past 10 years, I have been working with Infosys Ltd. and am currently Director for Client Services/ Engagement Manager, India Business Unit where I manage multiple large-scale accounts/portfolios and Sales and Business Development in the Government sector.

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  • Ms. Sanchita Mukherji

    Profile: Co-Founder & Partner, Blue Edge Multi-Family Office, and Managing Partner at TalkTheWalk LLP
    FSM Achiever Alumni from the PGDM Batch 2001-03

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    A career Private Banker, I have worked with some of the biggest names in the business including HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and HDFC Bank. Using my 20 years of experience in this exciting field, I decided to branch out on my own and turned into an entrepreneur and a transformative business leader.

    I co-founded Blue Edge along with the top team in HSBC Private Banking in 2015. Blue Edge is essentially an India-focused Multi-Family Investment Office. Blue Edge is an 'execution' platform that deals in the execution and distribution of mutual fund products, consulting on various corporate banking and business requirements for its clients, sourcing merger and acquisition transactions, etc. Blue Edge team works alongside the respective family to assist them in achieving their core objectives by providing a robust investment execution architecture. Blue Edge is an AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor.

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  • Mr. Jyoti S Das

    Profile: Corporate Trainer/Consultant & Executive Coach
    FSM Achiever Alumni from the PGDBM Batch 1992-94

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    I have 27+ years of rich corporate experience in both multinationals and a strong Indian company with leadership roles, largely revolving around Sales, distribution & marketing management. The organizations I have worked for in various capacities include Whirlpool, Electrolux, Godrej and Swatch Group heading the India business of two iconic global brands i.e. Swatch & Calvin Clein Watches + Jewellery. In the last 2 roles, I was the Business Head for India with a P&L responsibility.

    After spending nearly 3 decades gaining experience in leadership roles in these organizations, I have branched out on my own in early 2022 as a corporate trainer/consultant and coach. Utilizing my long years of corporate and leadership experience, I want to make a difference as a mentor to those who can find my experience useful. I am currently pursuing my PhD from BIT Mesra in Marketing with specialisation in Luxury Management. With my long industry experience and current theoretical pursuit, I aim to contribute significantly to Management education as well.

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  • Mr. Abhilash Dubey

    Profile: Vice President Process and Strategy, IDFC FIRST Bank
    FSM Achiever Alumni from the PGDM(IB) Batch 2012-14

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    I had about 2.5 years of experience in TCS before I came to FORE for my PGDM(IB) in 2012. Subsequently, I have focused on Banking as my career track and have worked with Yes Bank, Axis Bank, and currently, I am Vice President, Process and Strategy at IDFC FIRST Bank. My roles in banking have revolved around process improvements and strategy.

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  • Mr. Sumeet Tandon

    Profile: Director - EY Global Delivery Services

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    Since completing my PGDM in Marketing and Operations from FORE, I have spent most of career at EY. Prior to EY, I have had stints with McKinsey & Company’s Knowledge Centre as an Analyst and with Oracle Corporation in their Industry Strategy and Insights group.

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  • Ms. Ratika Bhargava

    Profile: Co-Founder @Activ Beauté (Athena Consumer Products)

    1. Describe your career journey and your current role.

    My career journey has been intellectually rewarding. I have been fortunate to have found meaningful work in a variety of great organizations, mostly in business development, sales, and marketing. After 25 years as a corporate professional, I finally decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship and co-founded Activ Beauté with an amazing group of people. And the journey begins again.

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  • Ms. Reema Malhotra

    Profile: Partner & Senior Vice President, IHS Markit

    1. Why did you pick FORE School of Management as your school of choice?

    FORE School of Management has a long history of nurturing some of the country's brightest business brains. The institute has always kept up with the ever-changing landscape of management education. My major incentive for joining FORE was the academic eco-system it provided, while also allowing for holistic development and making its students future ready.

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  • Meenal Narula

    Profile: Image Consultant | Personal Presence Expert at Meenal Narula Image Consultancy

    1. What is your favourite memory from your time at FORE?

    I cannot pinpoint any one memory, in particular, every moment spent at FORE was an incredible experience. My favourite times were perhaps all the cultural festivals and seminars that I attended during my time. I was always an enthusiastic participant in several committees and I enjoyed meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life during such events.

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  • Mr. Srinivas Amara

    Profile: Data Management & Strategy Consultant | Management Consultant at Infosys.

    1. What was your first day at FORE like?

    I experienced a complex mix of emotions on my first day. I was nervous, excited, determined, and even a little scared as it was the first time I was travelling away from my home town for a long expedition. However, these feelings lasted till the induction, The faculty and the senior batch ensured that we received the warmest welcome and soon, we became part of the FORE family.

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  • Mr. Rajnish Kumar

    Profile: Product Head, Investments, Kotak Mahindra Bank.

    1. How was your first day at FORE School of Management?

    I distinctly remember my first day at FORE School of Management. I walked through the gates of the prestigious B-school with the vision of becoming a successful business leader. Back in 2001, the idea of being successful in life was based on limited parameters and restricted to conventional professions. The first step towards accomplishing that dream was earning an MBA. However, over my two years at FORE, I got a chance to expand my perspectives.

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  • Mr. Manish Gurbuxani

    Profile: Regional Head of Business Development and New Markets.

    1. What was your impression of FORE School of Management on your first day?

    My first day at FORE School of Management still holds fond memories. I vividly remember the orientation session in the auditorium with my fellow batchmates who were all beaming with excitement and enthusiasm. I found the class of 2000-2002 (Wave IX) very diverse with different academic backgrounds. A few of them who spoke during the orientation were very eloquent and confident. It gave me hope and optimism that this batch would push each other to excel.

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  • Mr. Sujit Bawa
    Batch: FMG-10 (2001-03)

    Profile: General Manager, Uniliver.

    1. What was your first reaction when you walked through the gates of FORE?

    My feelings when I walked through the gates of FORE were a mixture of excitement, aspirations, nervousness, and realization. Excitement because I had made it to an institute with the legacy of FORE, aspiring because I walked into the campus that would bring me closer to my dream. Nervous about taking one wrong step and what if I lose it all, and realization that this is it; this is my moment and I have to seize it with all I have.

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  • Mr. Kush Mehra
    Batch: 2002-04

    Profile: Pine Labs Private Limited.

    What’s your fondest memory from FORE School of Management?

    My fondest memories from FORE are perhaps all the moments I spent with my fellow batch mates. The culture and environment at FORE always motivated us to explore diverse avenues apart from academics. This included participating in various co-curricular clubs, organizing events and fests, hosting seminars and simulations, and mostly just enjoying a memorable camaraderie with all our classmates. The coursework at FORE allowed us to actively indulge in several group projects that helped us create some cherishable bonds with our fellow batch mates. Keeping up with the age-old saying of 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, FORE helped us to explore our interests outside our classrooms and create lifelong friendships.

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  • Mr. Rahul Raizada
    Batch: FMG 2003-05

    Profile: PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited.

    What is your most memorable experience at FORE School of Management?

    There have been several exciting experiences at FORE that are still fresh in my memory. It is almost surreal to realize that it has been so long since graduation. If I have to recall one instance, I think it would be my first case study presentation. I remember the stressful nights before the day of the presentation. However, all the sleeplessness seemed worth it after all the learnings that I still carry with me.

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  • Mr. Dhruv Bansal
    Batch: FMG 20

    Profile: Ecommerce Product Manager- Lenovo.

    It was the year 2010 when I wrote CAT and after having cleared a few PIs, had to decide which institute to choose from. FORE, with its substantial alumni network and the proximity to the Corporate hub of Gurgaon and Noida, meant that it will not have dearth of exposure. And I was not wrong.

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  • Mr. Ankur Bhatia
    Batch: FMG 18

    Profile: Team Manager Product Strategy- Royal Enfield.

    My time at FORE was spent oscillating between 3 things I love a lot - Marketing, Cricket and Food. I had immense learning in Freda ma'am's classes and could never have enough of them. When I look back, working on assignments with people who became my closest friends are memories for a lifetime. FORE also gave me ample opportunity to play Cricket and to compete not just within the college but also outside it. The best 6 days of my life were spent with my fellow teammates competing for 2 years at Chakravyuh, the inter-college sports tournament.

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  • Pankaj Sharma
    Batch: FMG-20 (2011-2013)

    Profile: Associate Director, CRISIL

    Still remember the first day at college very clearly when the mind was full of thoughts and heart full of ambitions and the two most buoyant thoughts in the head were to ensure a good kick-off to the career at the end of two years and have learnings and experiences which can stay along throughout life.

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  • Mohit Mittal
    Batch: FMG-15 (2006-2008)

    Profile: Associate Director, Acuity Knowledge Partners.

    I would recommend the current and future students to gear up for this amazing journey full of ups and downs, and more importantly a lot of learning.

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  • Mr Ram Pratap Singh
    Batch: FMG-5(1996-98)

    Profile: General Manager Corporate Accounts - Geodis India PVT. LTD.

    I would try to address this point in the simplest form directly from my heart, no textbook language.

    I might be one of the few FORIAN or maybe THE ONLY ONE from my batch of 1996-1998 who decided not to follow the conventional placement companies from the campus and choose to venture into an unconventional industry ( Logistics/Freight/Transportation ) in 1998, 02 Decades back when everyone wanted to choose a very safe career / reputed company and renowned & established verticals/industries like - FMCG, Banking, Automotive, Consultancy, Market Research Firm, etc....

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  • Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahaye,
    Batch: Batch 1997

    Profile: Founder and CEO, Hiringplug

    “Entrepreneurship is an enriching life experience but it can also be a very risky fad, which may lead to long term demotivation. Aspirants must therefore first identify a real addressable need and evaluate commercial viability,” says Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahaye, FORE School of Management, New Delhi, alum Batch 1997.

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  • Rahul Raizada
    Batch: FMG (2003 - 2005)

    Profile: Executive Director, PWC India

    From summer internship to Director, PWC, alumnus Rahul Raizada speaks about the role of FORE School of Management, New Delhi in his sensational growth

    Day One at FORE School of Management, New Delhi was a day of many firsts for Mr. Rahul Raizada. He vividly remembers the time filled with dreams and self-belief of conquering the corporate world.

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  • Abhishek Sachdeva,
    Batch: FMG (2002- 2004)

    Profile: Vice President- Retail Sales, Anand Rathi Global Finance Ltd.

    Everything about Abhishek Sachdeva tells you that he is a seasoned entrepreneur. Abhishek, a pass-out of the 2004 batch of FORE School of Management, keeps a sharp eye on expenses, has the patience of an Angler, and is not at all averse to risk. So it does come as a surprise when you are told that it has only been 7 months since he launched - his maiden entrepreneurial venture. “Entrepreneurs are basically aggressive go-getters with huge ambitions and goals, who are not afraid of making mistakes.

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    Batch: WMG- 18 (2009-2012)

    Profile: Assistant Marketing Communications Manager, Hilton Garden Inn, New Delhi/Saket Hotel

    Have fun, don’t take life that seriously but work hard advised Ashima, FORE School of Management MBA grad Ashima Manchanda. Ashima came to FORE as a working professional and kept working full-time throughout her course. 

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  • Abhishek Gier 
    Batch: WMG-10 (2001-2004)

    Profile: Founder and Executive Director, Catalyst India

    Mr. Abhishek Gier, a FORE School of Management, New Delhi alum, embraces the role of “Catalyst” with his NGO to better the lives of many Mr. Abhishek Gier was already working with an international HR firm, one of the leading Psychometric profiling agencies in India, when he joined the Working Manager’s Group at FORE School of Management, New Delhi.

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  • Divanshu Kapoor
    Batch: FMG-18(Batch 2009-2011)

    Profile: Deputy Vice President, RBL Bank

    How FORE School of Management turned incubator for Divanshu Kapoor’s unique startup
    There are two sides to Divanshu Kapoor’s story at FORE School of Management, New Delhi. The first is the usual fun-while-you-learn side.

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  • Mr. Jyoti Das,
    Batch: FMG-1 (1992-1994)

    Profile: Brand Manager ( Business Head - India ), Calvin Klein

    Life is one marathon we cannot avoid but run. The breaths & gasps of friends alongside provide an uncanny sense of assurance while the smirks of foes pain the heart. Scarry stretches of loneliness haunts the cerebrum while the beautiful flora in the next junction heightens our artistic sensibilities.

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  • Adarsh Kumar
    Batch: FMG- 1 (1992-1994)

    Profile: Chief Operating Officer (COO), TATA Motors Finance Ltd

    Mr. Adarsh Kumar makes no bones about the fact that he has won several awards in his two decade old career in the corporate world. The FORE School Of Management, New Delhi alumnus of FMG 1992-1994 batch presently works as Executive VP and Business Head with TATA Motors Finance Ltd, which is no mean feat. But winning Executive Leadership award from his institute at the annual Alumni reunion, Jubilate 2013 is something that he cherishes deeply.

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  • Mr. Vivek Malhotra
    Batch: FMG-1 (1992-1994)

    Profile: Founder, PRUNE APP

    "There are too many memories of my two years at FORE to pick any one. However, the parties and get together remain the most cherished. I have a number of colleagues at Idea who are FORE alumni, so it's good to stay in touch and catch up on the old times"</p

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  • Nishad Mahendru
    Batch: IMG-01 (2007 - 2009)

    Profile: CEO & Co-Founder of Pure Media Imagination.

    Pure Media Imagination has been the most important step in Nishad’s life. After all, it has been one dream that would not let him sleep for a long time until it got realised. Nishad claims that it has changed him as a person and a business professional. Being an entrepreneur was always at the back of his mind; but as a beginner, there was a lot that had to be dealt with. So, when the opportunity arose, Nishad grabbed it with both hands and never looked back.

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  • Kunal Khattar
    Batch: FMG-2 (1993-1995)

    Profile: Investerprenuer and Founding Partner, AdvantEdge Founders

    The much talked-about annual meet of the institute is back with the Alumni Recognition Awards from last year. Mr. Khattar was given the award this year for his entrepreneurial abilities, which have made his current business a big success. “I think this is the recognition for the foundation that this organisation has given me. That foundation has allowed me to achieve some level of success, so getting appreciation for it feels good,” says Kunal Khattar, talking of the platform that was created for him at the institute.

    Full Story
  • Deepa Batra
    Batch: WMG - 16

    Profile: Regulatory Head - India, FMC Corporation

    Back in 2009, as the Asia-Pacific Registration Cordinator at EI Dupont India, Deepa Batra knew that the time had come to bolster her MSc in Microbiology with a career-oriented education. However, she was not keen on going the PhD way. Having worked for a year in EI Dupont, she had gained valuable perspective in research but she clearly needed the Management to grow on the corporate path.

    Full Story
  • Mr. Neeraj Tomar
    Batch: FMG-6 (1997-1999)

    Profile: AVP-Marketing, Idea Cellular

    Mr. Tomar was kind enough to answer a few questions put to him before speaking his mind to the students in Rendezvous.

    What is your fondest memory of FORE?

    Full Story
    Batch: IMG-1 (2007-2009)

    Profile: Enterprise Account Director (APAC), Coursera

    Speaking from personal experience, the students should reach the office on time as it creates a good impression and talks highly of your personality. It's very important to look professional even if the mentor assigned to the students or other people in the office are casually dressed.

    Full Story
  • Mr. Saurab Saharan
    Batch: IMG 4 (2010- 2012)

    Profile: Director, HCBS development Pvt. Ltd.

    Saurab Saharan and HCBS Development Pvt. Ltd. – the company where he is a Director – have two things in common; both have just started out, and both have a burning desire to make it to the zenith. A pass-out of the 2012 batch of the FORE School of Management, Saurab Saharan feels he needs to drive the growth in HCBS, not just to show his worth but the immense value of FORE School of Management as well.

    Full Story
    Batch: FMG-7 (1998-2000)

    Profile: Regional Alliance Director (APAC & Japan) - Telco, Fortinet

    In my opinion, during summer internship, students should try and maximize the gain from the opportunity at hand by being effective and working hard. The corporate world is small and well connected. Leaving good impressions on colleagues and developing cordial relations will influence future growth and references. Students should bear in mind that Summer Internship and the projects they execute will continue to have a bearing on their career for a long time.

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  • Mr. Sitesh Padhee
    Batch: FMG-10 (2001-2003)

    Profile: Buisness head, Mudra Circle

    Life has come a full circle for Sitesh Padhee. Way back inRendezvous 2002, he was one of the students at the FORE School of Management hanging on to every word of the select alumni invited as guest speakers. On the 27th of November, in Rendezvous 2012, the honour of being a celebrated alumnus speaker came to him.

    Full Story
  • Mr. Ishu Bhasin
    Batch: FMG- 14 (2005- 2007)

    Profile: State Business Head - Rajasthan, United Breweries Ltd.

    On the 27th of November 2012, Ishu Bhasin, Brand Manager - Hero MotoCorp, walked into Rendezvous 2012as one of the five alumni super-achievers who had the honour of being invited to address the students of FORE School of Management. Smart, young and confident, Ishu’s demeanor exuded that he had been a winner all his life. But his first few words when he took to the podium had a different story to tell. 

    Full Story
  • Mr. Harkawal Singh
    Batch: FMG-8 (1999 - 2001)

    Profile: Head Marketing, Dabur

    For a student of FORE School of Management, nothing is a greater indicator that he or she has arrived than being invited by the alma mater as a speaker at Rendezvous. Harkawal Singh, who was recently bestowed with a similar honour, believes that being at Rendezvous 2012– held on the 27th of November this year - was nothing short of spectacular.

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  • Ankur Ashta
    Batch: FMG-13 (Batch 2004-2006)

    Profile: Co-founder, 2dPoint

    To be a published author at 33 is a much-aspired objective for many a bright young manager today. Some much older and higher up the pecking order, hope to be published in their lifetime. So when a working manager like Ankur Ashta, actually goes and writes a well received book, he walks a revered path in the corporate lane. A product of FORE School of Management, New Delhi Ankur is a practicing marketing professional with a leading media company.

    Full Story
  • Anjali Joneja
    Batch: Amar FMG (1994- 1996)

    Profile: Country Manager, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

    “It feels ecstatic, feels like being a student again with all that energy flowing in me. It's been almost two decades since I graduated but students are students with energy flowing and I am happy to interact with them,” says Ms. Anjali Joneja Amar, Engagement Practices, TV and Media Business, Ericsson.

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  • Pramit J.Nathan
    Batch: FMG-3 (1994-1996)

    Profile: Director of Strategy and Branding, Creative, Inc.

    Alumni award recipient, Pramit J.Nathan, stands as an example to others On October 13, at Jubilate 2013, the Foundation of Organizational Research and Education (FORE) School of Management, New Delhi alumni got a chance to meet in a festive atmosphere that proved conducive to networking with those both familiar and unfamiliar.

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  • Renu Misra
    Batch: FMG- 3 (Batch 1994-1996)

    Profile: Leader MENA, LIXIL EMENA, GROHE

    “Explore & take risks; perform & see results,” says Alumna, Renu Misra, reflecting on her journey from a commerce student to becoming the Managing Director at Grohe India.

    Renu Misra, FMG and Managing Director - Grohe India Private Limited, shares her FORE experiences.

    Full Story
  • Sandeep Sabharwal
    Batch: FMG-2 (Batch 1993-1995)

    Profile: CEO- Sohan Lal Commodity Management Group

    Mr Sandeep Sabharwal (Class of 1993-1995) is CEO of Sohan Lal Commodity Management Group. He was conferred with Mahatma Gandhi Ekta Samman by IIFS in January 2016 and was awarded the Bharat Jyoti Award by India International Friendship Society in December 2015.

    Full Story
  • Mr. Vivek Mittal
    Batch: FMG-2 (Batch 1993-1995)

    Profile: Founder and Chariman R K Foundation India

    FORE School of Management alum, describes his vision for education and discusses how his B-School was instrumental in his career graph.

    “I truly believe that management education is the most relevant learning experience and it helps a lot in your professional life. My education at FORE School of Management is the backbone of my thoughts and practices,” says Mr. Vivek Mittal, an alum of the institute who has gone on to become with a well-known name in the world of education.

    Full Story
  • Dr. Ashish Varma
    Batch: FMG-6 (Batch 1997-1999)

    Profile: Assistant Professor at IMT Ghaziabad

    Alumnus Dr. Ashish Varma talks about his journey from being a student at FORE School of Management to an academician at IMT Ghaziabad FORE School of Management, New Delhi, has a reputation for producing business leaders, entrepreneurs and management professionals who have made a place for themselves in the corporate world.

    Full Story
  • Gayatree Anand
    Batch: FMG-17 (Batch 2008-2010)

    Profile: Chief Ministers Urban Leaders Fellow, Delhi Government.

    FORE alum Ms. Gayatree Anand wins the Public Contribution award at Jubilate 2014; highlights her journey from the domain of finance to thought leadership

    Ms. Gayatree Anand, FMG alum from FORE School of Management, New Delhi had a homecoming to remember as she was presented with the award for Public Contribution at Jubilate 2014.

    Full Story
  • Kinny Nayyar
    Batch: WMG-14 (2005-2008)

    Profile: Consumer marketing head, Western Digital Corporation.

    Mr.  Kinny Nayyar, FORE School of Management, New Delhi alum talks about his prolific career in Marketing and stresses the importance of the WMG programme

    Full Story
  • Shantanu Saha
    Batch: FMG -2 (1993 - 1995)

    Profile: Founder and CEO, The Recruiters

    Shantanu Saha, Founder and CEO of The Recruiters, is extremely happy being on the admission interview panel of FORE School of Management, New Delhi. He enjoys the interaction in the process of selecting bright young minds for FORE.

    Full Story
  • Sandeep Balan
    Batch: (Batch 2005-07)

    Profile: Partner - Branded Content,Spring marketing capital

    Sandeep Balan of FORE School of Management's Tryst with Write. Camera. Action. 

    “Films have always excited me. And books have always been my constant companions,” says Sandeep Balan, a graduate from the FORE School of Management (Batch 2005-07) who opted for marketing as his specialisation because he wanted to be involved with the exciting communication pieces that iconic brands put out.

    Full Story
  • Manoj Chandan Jain
    Batch: FMG-1 Batch (1992-1994)
    Profile: Co-founder and Director at Riskpro India

    From Dotcom to Ecomm – How FORE School of Management held Manoj Jain in good stead right through his amazing journey across the internet industry

    Full Story
  • Shashank Sachdeva
    Batch: IMG-2 (Batch 2008-2010)

    Profile: Owner, Sachdeva Fabric Pvt. Ltd.

     “I think financing a new business could be an issue for aspiring entrepreneurs”

    An insightful conversation with alumnus Mr. Shashank Sachdeva, FORE School of Management, explaining what it takes to make it in the business world  

    Full Story
  • Anand Nanda
    Batch: FMG-5 (1996-1998)

    Profile:Client Partner, Mystique Group

    In his 16-year long career, Mr. Anand Nanda has worn many hats, and quite successfully too. From a CRM firm to a leading International back office business, to the Banking industry, Recruitment industry to an entrepreneurial stint when he launched a training firm for corporates and outdoor camps for school children, he has seen it all.

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  • Ritu Bharti
    Batch: WMG - 4 (1995-1998)

    Profile: Director - Personal Banking, NatWest Group

    Ms. Ritu Bharti, a renowned name in MNC banking, talks of the huge contribution the WMG Programme made to her impressive career
    “FORE School of Management, New Delhi has made a huge contribution to where I am in life today. It’s not just the learning experience, but also the alumni, friends, peers, and colleagues whom I reach out to professionally for advice.

    Full Story
  • Imran Qadri
    Batch:FMG-15 (2006-2008)

    Profile:Head- Marketing & PR, Harley Davidson Motor Company

    Imran Qadri, a FORE School of Management alum, reflects on his top-gear professional journey with Hero Group and offers students insight into the world of Brand Marketing

    Full Story
  • Arun Kumar Rao
    Batch:WMG-4 (1995-1998)

    Profile: Vice President, Sales - Dimensions Communications

    According to Mr. Rao, the WMG Programme is well integrated, which enables learning at every step of the way. He also thinks it’s helpful for professionals because they can instantly implement their learning into their work.

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