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Alumni Speak-II 2023-24

The FORE Alumni Network organized another series of "Alumni Speak" on November 30, 2023. The theme of this event was "Wealth Management”. The event showcased esteemed speakers, including Kartik Sabharwal student of FMG-13 from the class of 2006, Managing Partner and Team Head at Centrum Wealth, and Siddhartha Kapila also a student of FMG-13 from the class of 2006, also a Managing Partner and Team Head at Centrum Wealth. The event was attended by 50 plus students.

The FAN team initiated the event by extending a heartfelt welcome to our esteemed alumni.

Kartik Sabharwal initiated the discussion, highlighting the importance of wealth management and emphasizing the pivotal role of sales in this realm. Leveraging his vast expertise, he generously imparted invaluable insights and practical advice, enhancing the audience's grasp of this intricate field.

Subsequently, Siddhartha Kapila continued the session, presenting a thorough outline of wealth management tactics. Delving into the industry intricacies, he offered valuable perspectives and shared practical anecdotes from his professional experience.

The session was incredibly enriching for the students involved, providing them with invaluable insights into the sphere of wealth management. It served as a significant learning opportunity, imparting valuable knowledge that enhanced their understanding of managing wealth. The participating students gained understanding in the field, equipping them with essential tools and information crucial for effective wealth management strategies. Overall, the session significantly enriched the students' comprehension of wealth management practices, offering them practical and valuable knowledge to navigate this domain successfully.

The team extended heartfelt thanks to both distinguished alumni for sharing their expertise generously. We showed our gratitude by presenting tokens of appreciation to our esteemed alumni for their valuable insights.

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