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FORE Alumni Network

The FORE Alumni Network acts as the lynchpin between the past and present at FORE, striving to move towards a future that is better and brighter than before. The committee is responsible for linking together a 6000+ alumni network with the students, Faculty members and the Management of FORE thereby enhancing the educational experience at the institute and to ensure that FORE family remains united despite their diverse global presence.

FAN is responsible for ensuring that the present batches not only learn but also imbibe the qualities and be inspired from the personalities that have made the esteemed FORE alumni set a mark for themselves in the business world. More than bringing the experience to FORE, FAN is also responsible for bringing the memories to the alumni by helping them reconnect to their alma mater.

FAN organises various events and activities to strengthen this connection by inviting the alumni for various sessions which gives the students a chance to get first-hand information of the corporate world and also allows the alumni to reconnect to their roots in whatever capacity they can.

FAN calls upon our esteemed alumni to come forward and connect to their alma mater- the place that they were once a part of never felt like leaving. The association thereby provides a platform to not just merely give back but get back to their institution, their own place in any way their present situations allow to.

Faculty Members

Prof. Rajneesh Chauhan , Dean (Corporate Relations)


Prof. Rakhi Tripathi

Committee Member

Prof. Mukul Joshi

Committee Member

Prof. Qazi Asif Zameer

Committee Member

Prof. Vandana Bhama

Committee Member

Student Members

Dhruv Khosla


Trina Chaudhuri


Abhilasha Arun


Pranshu Sharma


Shreya Agarwal


Vaibhav Singh


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Executive Education/MDPs

FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.