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Panchtatva 2022-23

On 13th February, FORE Alumni Network organized its flagship alumni interaction event – “Panchtatva 2023”. We were delighted to have Manish Kathuria , Kishore Kunal , Aakarshan Mookim , Tarun Mudgal and Anika Mahajan as speakers.

Mr. Aakarshan Mookim from the class of 2004 is CFO at Macmillan Education India. He opened the discussion and talked about the need for workers to learn new skills, and reassured students that subjects like Job displacement and AI are nothing to be worried about. He also talked about topics such as Automation of routine tasks, increased use of AI, Digitization of financial processes, Job displacement and the role of management.

Next, Mr. Manish Kathuria Head - Human Resources at Honda Cars India Ltd is an alumnus of class of 2010. He shared how automation influenced his own corporate journey of 17 years. He talked about how routine HR practices have been automated these days and shared many insightful examples from his own experiences. He urged students to look at the bigger picture and shift their focus to the actual requirements of the industry.

Ms. Anika Mahajan AI SME Expert at H&M is an alumna of class of 2008. She took a trip down the memory lane and recounted her last days at FORE School of Management, New Delhi . Her words motivated students to embrace change and take action. She talked about the importance of digital literacy and having a learning mindset and shared tips with students on how they should prepare for their future.

Mr. Kishore Kunal is an alumnus of class of 2007 works as a Director at KPMG Global Services. He discussed how technologies have completely taken over and what did not seem feasible a 100 years earlier is a reality now. He shared his pragmatic beliefs on how even with an abundance of tools in the market, there is still a huge gap in skills. He emphasized on the need to continuously adapt and faster decision making. He inspired students to remove their biases and start working on their interests while incorporating a continuous innovation mindset.

Finally, Mr. Tarun Mudgal, Sales Director - Strategic Enterprises at Udemy Business is an alumnus of class of 2010. He took the podium and talked about how learning is the only constant in life, one cannot sit on their laurels and degrees, but needs to be good at multiple things in order to thrive in the workplace. He advised students open their horizons and recalibrate their mindset to open up to other skills apart from their domain.

It was a valuable session for the students and we look forward to organize more such events in the future.

Mr. Aakarshan Mookim
CFO at Macmillan Education India
Class of 2004

Mr. Manish Kathuria
Head - Human Resources at Honda Cars
Class of 2010

Ms. Anika Mahajan
AI SME Expert at H&M
Class of 2008

Mr. Kishore Kunal
Director at KPMG Global Services
Class of 2007

Mr. Tarun Mudgal
Sales Director - Strategic Enterprises at Udemy Business
Class of 2010

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